Quality and value are our highest priority.


Dentist work in a very small world with extraordinary detail and care backed by vast knowledge.  Our team at DesignLine has over 50 years of combined knowledge in construction and cabinetry.   We care, which is why we take the time to understand our clients needs and wants.  This allows us to build a product with detail and artistry that Dentist are acustomed to in their own work.




Architecture by TAKT.

Custom is our speciality.


We understand that each dentist is different.  We know that each Pediatric practice, each Periodontist, each Endodontist, each Oral Surgeon, each Orthodontist, each General dentist operates in their own way with their own special needs and wants.  We applaud that and cater to those needs and wants to create something beautiful and functional.


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Pediatric Dentist

Custom benches & carts

Whether you work off of a standard chair or custom bench with a custom cart, we can incorporate what you need and want into your practice. 

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custom bins & hidden apron hangers

All of your equipment and materials are taken into account to make sure that work flow is smooth and effortless, while still looking clean and timeless.


Oral Surgeon

clean & efficient

Understanding how you and your staff interact is crucial to us.  We want to make sure not just you, but your support staff can be as product as possible.

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General Dentist


From Dental Day Spas to rustic feel Dental Lodges, we can make your vision a reality.  When your patients feel good walking into your office it ripples throughout the practice.  We are visual creatures and a beautiful office is pleasing not just to the eye.

Outdated to Timeless


Product evolution is a key term for us at DesignLine Dental Systems.  We are constantly trying to evolve and produce the highest quality, most innovative product that will, most importantly, last the test of time.

When it's time to remodel you are ready for a change that will be dramatic and stable.  You are investing in your future.  We understand that. 

When working with DesignLine you are working directly with the manufacturer. We value engineer anywhere and everywhere possible to give you the greatest quality product with unmatched value.